Sevda Shishmanova


Bulgarian National Television, Studio 5

Journalist, producer and film director

Producer, director and jurnalist. Member of Menagement Board, Programing director and Head of Film Production of Bulgarian National Television for more than 10 years. Producer of the best seling bulgarian series “Undercover” with distributtion in more than 185 teritories. Producer of series “Fourth Estate” – Best Drama Series on CIRCOM 2014, public broadcasters association in Europe. Co – producer of feature films with the latest production being Aga, closing film of Berlinale 2018 and winner of Sarajevo Film Festival 2018.

Sevda Shishmanova is a journalist with practical experience in Television program-making. Reporter, commentator and international correspondent in Bulgarian National Television (BNT) and Economedia.  Film director and producer.

Film directing graduated with significant background in documentary productions.

In 2002 had won “ Johns Hopkins” University  SAIS – Novartis International Journalism Award for year 2001 and  documentary “The Unfinished War” had been nominated in top 10 for international journalism achievements.

In 2002 documentary „Pakistan – the shadow of the war” was selected  for the main competition of FIPA, Biarritz film festival, France.

In 2009 was awarded  the Special prize for outstanding contribution of Bulgarian Book Association.

In 2012 was awarded the prize of Bulgarian Union of Film Makers for Best Producer for the TV Series Undercover

In 2013 was awarded the prize of Bulgarian Union of Film Makers for Best Producer for the TV Series The Fourth Estate


Member of the Management Board of Bulgarian National Television 2004/2010.

Director of Programme and Head of Film Production of Bulgarian National Television 2010/2017.


Member of the National Counsel of Cinema 2006/2008

Member of the International jury of Sofia Film Fest 2007

Member of the International jury of Filmini / short movie  film festival/ 2008

Member of the Joury of National Film Festival “Golden Rose” 2010

Member of the Joury of International Students Film Festival “Early Bird” 2016

Member of the International Joury of Master of Art Film Festival 2016, 2017, 2018

Member of the International Joury of  So Independent  Film Festival 2017

Member of the  Industry joury of Haifa International Film Festival 2018

Member of International Joury of MediaMixx Television Festival 2018


Master Degree, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Slavic Studies

Master Degree , National Academy for Theater and Film Art

For 2024 is scheduled the shooting of the feature film “Remains of Life”, based on the true story of the terror attack on a bus with Israeli tourists at Burgas airport in 2012. Sevda’s feature debut as  director and scriptwriter, produced by Red Carpet, Film was selected for prestigious Berlinale Co Production Market 2024. The shooting will take place in locations in Bulgaria and Israel with cast from both countries.

Professional timeline         


  • Government correspondent for BNT since 1992 to 1998
  • Presidency correspondent  for BNT since 1994 to 1998
  • Author of a journalistic investigation that caused the resignation of the Minister of the Interior in 1996 and reportage has led to an unprecedented public and political debate
  • International correspondent  for BNT since 1998. Correspondent in Kosovo and in Italy /Aviano   military base/  during the war campaign in Yugoslavia in 1999. Correspondent in Turkey during earthquake shock in 1999. Correspondent in Skopje during the Macedonia war in 2001. Correspondent in Islamabad, Pakistan in  2001 and 2008. Correspondent in Turkey and Northern Iraq during the war in Iraq in 2003. Correspondent in London in 2005, after the terror attack. Correspondent in Afghanistan  in 2006. Roaming correspondent during Election Campaigns in USA, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Macedonia, UK, Afghanistan and Pakistan  since 1994 to 2008.


Documentaries time-line:

1994  Berlusconi – The Pawn Success

1995  North Iraq – No man’s Land

1995  The Power  Russia

1997  Bulgaria – 1/11/1997 The Real Revolution

1999  In the Hope by Richter Scale

2000  BBC – Verification

2001  The Unfinished War/ Macedonians unsolved Albanian problem/

2001   Pakistan – The Shadow of the War

2002   The Choice of War

2006   Afghanistan unveiled

2008   The Base: Pakistan/Afghanistan

2009   One Hundred Years of Solitude / The Big Read Format /


Film Productions  timeline

2011 – Undercover / Season 1 / BNT

2012  – Undercover / Season 2 / BNT

2013  – Undercover / Season 3 / BNT

2013  – Forth Estate / BNT

2015  – Undercover / Season 4 / BNT

2016  – Undercover / Season 5 / BNT


Projects in execution

1. Remains of Life – feature film, founded by Bulgarian National Film Center, in development as co- production with Israel and Germany
2. The Umbrella- 12 episodes series, financed for development by MEDIA Creative Europe program of EU


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Sevda Shishmanova

Журналист в новините, актуалните и публицистични предавания на БНТ. Репортер, международен кореспондент, коментатор, ръководител на екип и автор на документални филми. Автор на статии във вестник “Капитал”. Режисьор и продуцент.



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