• Sevda Shishmanova – World In My Optics

    Producer, director and jurnalist. Member of Menagement Board, Programing director and Head of Film Production of Bulgarian National Television for more than 10 years. Producer of the best seling bulgarian series “Undercover” with distributtion in more than 185 teritories. Producer of series “Fourth Estate” – Best Drama Series on CIRCOM 2014, public broadcasters association in Europe.

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  • Undercover Season 2

    The specially trained agent Martin has been appointed to the most dangerous mission in Bulgaria – to go undercover in the gang of the mafia boss Djaro. On his way he has to encounter a lot of challenges in order to completely become part of the criminal world. His task becomes more complicated when he meets the big boss’s girl Sunny. While undercover he gets a promotion in the mafia hierarchy and becomes part of the world – full of […]

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  • Photo gallery in english

    Photo gallery in english

    Photogallery text

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  • The Choice of War

    A 30 minute documentary filmed during the parliamentary elections which legitimate the Albanian partisan units with political representation in the governing of FYROM and the recent “terrorists” as democratically elected MPs.

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  • The unfinished war

    The Unfinished War – A 60 minute documentary, which traces the beginning of the military and political conflict with the Albanian minority in FYR of Macedonia which lasted for years and led to considerable changes in the constitution of the country. It was filmed during the period of the military intervention in Kosovo, South Serbia and the border area in Macedonia inhabited by Albanians. The film presents the theses of the Macedonian political elite and of the commanders of the […]

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  • Hope on the Richter Scale

    A 30 minute documentary, depicting an emotional witness story of the days following the demolishing earthquakes in Turkey in 1999; from the rescue operations of the specialized units and the exhausting battle for human life to the psychological death of the survivors; from the heroic deeds of the ordinary people to the guilt of a corrupt construction industry; from the reaction of the state to the mission of the media.  

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  • North Iraq – No Man’s Land

    A 30 minute documentary filmed during one of the largest operations of the Turkish army against the supposedly terrorist Kurdish organization, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. The focus is on the problem with the unsolved statute of North Iraq as a necessary base for the support of the Kurdish organization, the ensuring of illegal petrol trafficking and a territory for the support of U.S. plans for the region. During the filming the crew is arrested by Turkish authorities, which becomes part […]

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  • Berlusconi – The Pawn Success

    Berlusconi, a Pawn Success – A 30 minute documentary depicting the entrance of billionaire Silvio Berlusconi into politics and the first election victory of Forza Italia. Filmed during the first pre-election campaign of the media mogul, who turned his firm structure into a party and provoked a historical change in the Italian political model. The film sets the problems of the transfer of power from business into politics and traces the effect of unprecedented control over media in the winning […]

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Sevda Shishmanova

Журналист в новините, актуалните и публицистични предавания на БНТ. Репортер, международен кореспондент, коментатор, ръководител на екип и автор на документални филми. Автор на статии във вестник “Капитал”. Режисьор и продуцент.



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