The Power Russia

A 30 minute documentary, tracing the clash during the first elections, after the collapse of the communist regime, when the oligarchy model began to dominate over the political. The interviews with the key figures in the race for the Russian Duma – Zjuganov, Chernomirdyn, Lebed, Rutskoy, Yanukovych, etc. – show the complexity of interests which must get their political representation. This is the period, according to analyzers, that prepares the model of “Russia after Yeltsin.”


Sevda Shishmanova

Журналист в новините, актуалните и публицистични предавания на БНТ. Репортер, международен кореспондент, коментатор, ръководител на екип и автор на документални филми. Автор на статии във вестник “Капитал”. Режисьор и продуцент.



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